Google Hacks 2.0

Google Hacks was one of the first apps I created. I was 16 and experimenting with different cross platform solutions. I found RealBASIC and was amazed by the simplicity, it was the only tool that could compile for all platforms from one OS. I had learned how to get music using Google, so I created Google Hacks as a test. I uploaded it to Google Code, and 2 weeks later it had half a million downloads.

That was 2007, today the app has over 5 million downloads, and it’s still getting thousands of downloads every week. To be honest this has always upset me, I spent 10 minutes making this app and it was the most popular. I tried to direct this traffic to my other projects but it never worked. People just wanted Google Hacks.

Google Hacks hasn’t changed much since the original version, and I haven’t touched it in years. With Google Code hosting closing down I had to migrate it to GitHub and I’m using this as motivation to make a new version.

Google Hacks 2.0!

I’ve already started rewriting the app and I’m excited. Check it out!

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