Open in Apollo Siri Shortcut

October 21, 2018 General iOS Reddit

I spend a good amount of time using the Reddit Mobile app, and recently found out that the app limits nested comments. You can read more about this here. This bothered me since it means I could be missing part of the conversation and I’d have no clue.

A coworker recommended Apollo and mentioned that it didn’t have this issue. I decided to try it out and I really enjoy it! Apollo handles comment nesting really well, and has utilities that make navigation really nice.

I’ve been using Apollo for a couple of weeks but there’s one thing that’s been annoying. When you open a Reddit link in Safari it still opens in the official app and there doesn’t appear to be a way to fix that. So I decided to make a Siri Shortcut to fix it.

As far as I can tell there isn’t a way to open a link in Apollo, but it will attempt to open a link found on your clipboard when the app is opened. So I was able to use this function to create a shortcut that copies the link to your clipboard, then opens Apollo to ask if you’d like to view the link found on your clipboard. This ended up working out really well!

You can get the Shortcut here:

Just share the link from Safari with this Shortcut and it will open it in Apollo.

Let me know if anyone has ideas for how to improve this!

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