Lull (defunct)

Automatically mute Hulu ads


Lull is a desktop application that will mute your computer while Hulu plays ads.

Lull is simple to use. Download and run it - no installation required!

Written in Node.js, it uses RobotJS to read pixel colors for ad detection.

Currently only Mac and Linux are supported, but Windows will be supported soon.


  1. Download and run Lull.
    • Lull will run in the background, don't expect any feedback after opening the app (except for a tray icon).
  2. Watch Hulu in your browser fullscreen.
    • Lull won't be able to detect the ads if Hulu isn't fullscreen.
  3. Enjoy Hulu without the annoying ads!

Currently doesn't support multiple monitors. If you have a muli-monitor setup, mirror the displays.



GPL v2

Automatically mute Hulu ads.Read More

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